And the winner is …!

We are delighted to announce the following bloggers have won a trip to Jacob’s Creek winery (Barossa Valley) in Australia in 2013:

  • Australia – Andrew Graham, Oz Wine Review
  • UK - Becci Edmondson, Feedetgastro
  • Poland - Karolina Obuch, Do trzech dych
  • Canada - Angela Aiello, Angela Aiello
  • Nordics - Anna Kärkkäinen (Finland), Mademoiselledeblancs
  • Rest of World – Sarah Walton (Dubai), The Hedonista

The name of the blogger who scored the highest in the USA was

  • USA – Pamela Heiligenthal/Marc Hinton, Enobytes


We hope that all the winners will be able to come at the same time – a kind of mini blogger conference – somewhere between 18-25 March 2013. This is during vintage in Australia!

For those who didn’t win, thanks so much for giving it a go and joining us on the ride.  A total of 60 bloggers across the world were brave enough to submit their guesses, of which 28 correctly identified the region and variety for all three wines.

A special mention goes to the 12 bloggers in the USA who got into the spirit and submitted answers for the fun of it, despite not being able to receive a prize (due to US laws).  Sometimes it is just great to be involved.

Cheers to all,

from The Label Project team

Finale – All is revealed!

At last, the wine label behind The Label Project is revealed.    Did you enjoy judging the book without its cover?

The answers to the grape variety and region were:

Wine #1 – Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills (South Australia)

Wine #2 –  Shiraz from the Barossa Valley (South Australia)

Wine #3 – Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra (South Australia)

Click here to watch the finale video to find out more.

We hope you were correct, or at least had fun guessing.  Even if you had incorrect answers, you may still be in the running, depending on how many incorrect answers other bloggers had, so stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on Thursday!

And thanks for having a go.

Cheers, from The Label Project teams across 12 countries

Ever judged a book by its cover?

Received an invitation to The Label Project and your’e wondering what it’s all about?  Watch and decide if you want to join the adventure! Then contact us using the email address in your invitation letter and let the games begin.

Deadlines. I love the sound of them as they go rushing by ^ ….

One final reminder that the deadline to submit your answers in order to be in the running for the prize* is 5pm today, Friday 28th September 2012.  Regrettably we can’t accept emails that arrive after 5pm in your country so send them as early as you can.

All the answers will be revealed on Monday 1st October!




*USA participants excepted. Sorry US law restricts our ability to offer a prize but we love the fact that you are participating anyway!

^ paraphrasing English novelist Douglas Adams

One day to go …

Don’t forget – all participating bloggers – you need to submit your answers by 5pm in your country on Friday 28th September, via the email address in your invitation letter.  For some of you that is already less than 24 hours away.  If you are busy tomorrow, send it today. We love to see early birds !

The countdown is on!

You have barely 2 days left to submit your answers on the region, the variety, and why you think so.  You must submit your email this Friday 28th September by 5pm in your country to the email address in your invitation letter.  Late emails cannot be accepted. So it’s time to give your mind and your taste buds (and Google) a thorough work out if you haven’t decided your answers yet!

Wine #3 Clues

By early this week all of the participating bloggers will have received Wine #3 , this time with some pretty pictures:

Region Clues:

  • The terrain is completely flat
  • Its subsoil is an ancient marine bed
  • It has a maritime influenced climate

Varietal tasting note clues :

  • Leafy aromas with a hint of mint
  • Ripe cassis flavours
  • A firm structure with good persistence on the palate

If you have any ideas, help them out because they all have to submit their answers by 5pm  this Friday 28th September!

Wine #2 Clues

By Friday most of the participating bloggers will have found Wine #2 waiting for them on their doorstep.  And accompanying the bottle of wine is a delicious little treat …

… and of course the clues!

Region clues:

  • Altitude of the region ranges from around 250-400 metres (approx 800-1300 feet) above sea level
  • In general, winters are cool and wet but summer days are warm, dry and sunny here
  • It is very popular with wine tourists

Varietal clues:

  • Spicy aroma of rich fruit cake
  • Rich berry flavours with a hint of dark chocolate
  • Velvety texture

What red wine that reminds you of fruit cake, chocolate and velvet?