Wine #3 Clues

By early this week all of the participating bloggers will have received Wine #3 , this time with some pretty pictures:

Region Clues:

  • The terrain is completely flat
  • Its subsoil is an ancient marine bed
  • It has a maritime influenced climate

Varietal tasting note clues :

  • Leafy aromas with a hint of mint
  • Ripe cassis flavours
  • A firm structure with good persistence on the palate

If you have any ideas, help them out because they all have to submit their answers by 5pm  this Friday 28th September!

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5 responses to “Wine #3 Clues

  1. Taking part in the guessing, only from the hints. I will say this must be a Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon, from the famous Terra Rossa soil.

    All the best to the participants

    Frederik (Denmark)

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