Finale – All is revealed!

At last, the wine label behind The Label Project is revealed.    Did you enjoy judging the book without its cover?

The answers to the grape variety and region were:

Wine #1 – Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills (South Australia)

Wine #2 –  Shiraz from the Barossa Valley (South Australia)

Wine #3 – Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra (South Australia)

Click here to watch the finale video to find out more.

We hope you were correct, or at least had fun guessing.  Even if you had incorrect answers, you may still be in the running, depending on how many incorrect answers other bloggers had, so stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on Thursday!

And thanks for having a go.

Cheers, from The Label Project teams across 12 countries

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15 responses to “Finale – All is revealed!

  1. I figured out it was Jacob’s Creek, and actually went out and purchased a Barossa Valley Shiraz for comparison to #2, but there were markedly different. In fact it even tasted like it had a little cab in it when we tasted it. I thought SURE it OUGHT to be Shiraz, but it just didn’t taste like it to me — maybe we got a funky bottle?

    • Amy, we actually used our new vintage for The Label Project which are not yet in the market but will be soon. So the Label Project Wine #2 was Shiraz but from the 2010 vintage, whereas the wine you would have bought was 2009!

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  3. Glad to pick them all correctly. Surprised I didn’t nail the Chardonnay blind as a Jacobs Creek though – I’ve had it so many times recently that I really should have known better!

  4. 1 incorrect answer :( I had so much fun guessing and thanks for such a great opportunity to participate in this great project. More soon please?

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