And the winner is …!

We are delighted to announce the following bloggers have won a trip to Jacob’s Creek winery (Barossa Valley) in Australia in 2013:

  • Australia – Andrew Graham, Oz Wine Review
  • UK - Becci Edmondson, Feedetgastro
  • Poland - Karolina Obuch, Do trzech dych
  • Canada - Angela Aiello, Angela Aiello
  • Nordics - Anna Kärkkäinen (Finland), Mademoiselledeblancs
  • Rest of World – Sarah Walton (Dubai), The Hedonista

The name of the blogger who scored the highest in the USA was

  • USA – Pamela Heiligenthal/Marc Hinton, Enobytes


We hope that all the winners will be able to come at the same time – a kind of mini blogger conference – somewhere between 18-25 March 2013. This is during vintage in Australia!

For those who didn’t win, thanks so much for giving it a go and joining us on the ride.  A total of 60 bloggers across the world were brave enough to submit their guesses, of which 28 correctly identified the region and variety for all three wines.

A special mention goes to the 12 bloggers in the USA who got into the spirit and submitted answers for the fun of it, despite not being able to receive a prize (due to US laws).  Sometimes it is just great to be involved.

Cheers to all,

from The Label Project team

11 responses to “And the winner is …!

  1. Congrats to all the winners…. so happy for Sarah who wins from Dubai. Would love to see the names of all the bloggers who guessed all the 6 answers correctly. Sheer curiosity. And a small pat at the back for those who got them right!

    it was fantastic to be a part of this:)

  2. Hi all

    Fantastic news – congrats to all the winners – it was a lot of fun being a participant in this unique marketing exercise – only got 1 answer wrong but thoroughly enjoyed opening the mysterious boxes as they arrived

    It will be nice to sit down now and try the three wines again with labels :) Cheers to both the Label Project team and to the guys at Jacob’s Creek that made this happen.

    Don’t forget to visit The New Zealand Wine Directory, Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for all your #nzwine news and information.

    Cheers JB

  3. Congratulations to the winners – that’s one blogger trip worth going on. Special congrats to Sarah from Dubai – we’ll be following your every word. The whole experience was great fun – kicking myself that I made such a basic mistake and got No 2 wrong but the consolation prize is very welcome. I’ll certainly miss those deliveries! Thanks for inviting me to join in such and enjoyable project.

  4. There are a handful of people that know their wines with barely a glance; congratulations to all winners! Big big wave going out to Sarah from Dubai, this lady has top talent when it comes to vinos. Hope to be a part of this project some time down the line.



  5. Congratulations to all the winners! What a fun project to have been part of. Content that I got all the answers right, and very happy to congratulate fellow Dubai blogger Sarah Walton on winning. I know she will make MORE than the most of this fab wine trip.

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